Breathing life into the Design

After consolidating the wire-frames and overall structure I could then move onto designing the ‘feel’ and look of the ‘Voight Kampff Test’. However, I wasn’t sure where to start when shifting from the wire-frames as I’m not too confident in my design taste. However, after looking at current interactions – current science fiction interfaces – and older science fiction interfaces. I had a rough visual image of where my system would be and look like.

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Older Science Fiction Interfaces – where quite vibrant but very bold and looked very much like a ‘console’ however, as mentioned before they were designing with the current design paradigms and limitations of the time.

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‘Current’ UI Design and interfaces are all generally minimal and clean.


A main source of inspirations was from the game NieR:Automata where you take on the character of a Android as you battle with these machines.

The world of NieR:Automata leans heavily towards science fiction, but the previous title in the series (NIER Replicant/Gestalt) had more of a fantasy aesthetic. When I put together NieR:Automata’s UI concept, I tried to make its sci-fi elements seem like a natural extension of the first title’s fantasy.

I had several visual notions to work with: The previous game’s UI; conventional sci-fi aesthetics; 2B herself; and the general idea of a luxurious and decadent world. Mixing all of those aesthetics together, I arrived at my key concept for NieR:Automata’s UI: a design that was systematic and sterile, but also beautiful. At that time, I felt strongly that the best way to convey this would be to avoid ornate decoration and focus on giving it a clean, graceful and flat design. But I soon realized that if I stuck too close to that idea, the final design would end up flavorless.

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