Contextualising the ‘Test’

I began to rapidly sketch out a variety of designs however, it was not until further discussion It developed into a concept that I think worked well. Creating a ‘Voight-Kampff-Test’ of sorts where people go through this simulated ‘test’ to identify these ‘Deepfakes’ through trial and error. Upon further discussion, we noted that although the wireframe and user-flow were well defined, I had to now develop it further from looking less like a wireframe and more like a coherent design. However, what was missing was the context of which this ‘Voight Kampff Test Program’ situated within.

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Due to the source material and inspiration being fictional, and the concept being speculative, the ‘client’ itself could also be fictional speculative organisation. For this reason, I pitched an organisation where in the future, Deepfakes are widespread and this company has set up to counter malicious and harmful use of this technology, like misinformation, impersonation, or fabricating false identities. Furthermore, the test is designed for the potential employees of the company, applying for the lowest paying job for manual labour of going through and identifying these fakes. This testing program trains applicants into learning how to spot these fakes and upon completion can be processed through. Harking back to the futuristic but bleak setting of Blade Runner where although technology has advanced for the average person the conditions and work quality is poor at most.

‘Welcome to XYZ Corp potential candidate for our ‘Identification Initiative’ where you’ll be on the forefront of countering impersonation and false identities. As a member of our large team 5000 members strong (and counting) we’ll be relying on your keen skills in identification to fight back the threat. Complete our testing program to see if you have what it takes to join our large family at XYZ Corp’



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