Final Shift and Concept Ideation

After discussing over these various strands of concepts and interest points I had identified during the project and prior ones. I identified that whilst I had all these different idea’s and concepts I still had a very zoomed out view and had yet to still focus on a sole idea despite the variety of areas and topics I had found.

However, while discussing my initial desire to design or create some kind of ‘sci-fi’ themed interface we explored the option of focusing on a sole technology within a sci-fi film. As explored before in the prior project, we looked again at Blade Runner which I had done a lot of research on looking in particular the Voight-Kampff Machine.

The Voight-Kampff test was a test used as of 2019 by the LAPD’s Blade Runners to assist in the testing of an individual to see whether they were a replicant or not. It measured bodily functions such as respiration, heart rate, blushing and eye movement in response to emotionally provocative questions. It typically took twenty to thirty cross-referenced questions to distinguish a Nexus-6 replicant.

Syd Mead the concept designer for the film, describes how he envisioned what the machine should look and feel like.

“The biggest challenge was the Voight-Kampff – Deckard brings it with him into Tyrell’s office and so-forth so it had to be a suitcase briefcase sized thing. and in my mind it had to be terrifying. and this machine was breathing because it would ‘inhale’ localized air between the interviewer and interviewee and process that and pick up acidic traces  and so-forth much as animals do because animals can smell if you’re afraid.”

This concept of the using a machine to identify something that is near perfect “replica” of us, using a machine to aid in identifying and distinguishing something for what it is.

What would the ‘Voight-Kampff machine’ of today look or operate like?

If we explore the subject of what is a ‘replicant’ also known as androids they are synthetic robot beings that appear as organic beings.

Or within the context of the film they are defined as;

replicant was a synthetic, bio-robotic being with para-physical capabilities and designed to resemble a living, organic being. It was a genetically engineered being “composed entirely of organic substance” and marketed for labor by Tyrell Corporation and its successor, the Wallace Corporation.

Replicants are sometimes referred to as “skin-jobs,” as their likeness is often skindeep. Replicants consider the term a slur.



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