Creating Options

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I created a set of ‘Options’ to explore potential interest points with my subject.

Option 1
Science Fiction envisions alternative or distance worlds, what would happen if
we incorporated these technologies and interfaces into present-day, every-day life?



Option 2
Tech Companies and products use blue to show innovation and advancements in designs. However, are they just using tropes to seem ‘leading edge’ when the reality is mundane.

‘A Mundane Science Future’

Taxodus – 2013
Microsoft Productivity of Future Vision
A Day Made of Glass

Option 3
Science Fiction interfaces for Film are designed to look flashy mostly to quickly provide brief quick context for narrative. Science Fiction interfaces design for UI within games require more consideration for keeping a usable interface but maintaining the look of Sci-Fi.


UI Design in NieR:Automata- 2017.08.25

Option 4
‘Future of the past’ The Shift of Visions of past Science Fictions; Re-imagining the imagined.


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